Saturday, March 17, 2007

laughter, jackets, teenagers

As I approach the Grove Tavern, I hear a man laughing energetically. He is still laughing as I draw closer. He is laughing into a mobile phone. "You're giving me a stomach ache, now", he says into the phone. The laughter continues. "Ye er," he says. And goes on laughing and laughing.

Calverley Park this warm, blowy, Saturday afternoon is blossoming and budding not just with flowers and leaves but with teenagers. They sit in circles on the grass, lounge on benches, kick footballs. The girls shriek, the boys shout. The rite of Spring.

A board advertises the Calverley Park Cafe. I read: "Breakfast, Home-made Soup, Jackets etc." How long before potatoes cooked in their jackets and filled with various stuffings will be universally know as "jackets"? Please note Oxford English Dictionary!


teen said...

It’s hard for anybody to recognize they have an alcohol problem, and teenage drinking can be especially hard on young bodies.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your comment. Mine was an observation not an opinion. But I agree with you.