Thursday, March 01, 2007

Surprise, welsh rarebit, catikins

It was a pleasant surprise to find that it was already March 1 today. March sounds so much more hopeful than February.

Welsh rarebit rather than toasted cheese. An easy recipe is to mix cream cheese with grated cheddar, a spoonful of mustard, an egg and, if you like, a little beer. You can also add a drop of Worcester sauce. Spread the mixture on the untoasted side of slices of bread which have been toasted on the other side. Return to the grill , cheese side up, until the mixture begins to bubble and go brown.

Passing the triangular shrubbery in Berkeley Road, known locally as the "village green, I imagine I see drooping leaves on a hazel tree, to realize quickly that they are long catkins dangling there - lambs' tails as in Little Bo Beep

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