Sunday, July 22, 2007

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In the Hight Street, a couple are dancing to the sound of catchy music coming from an open, top floor window above the shops on the opposite side of the road.

An extract from a treasury of unusual words Foyle's Philavery, by Christopher Foyle appears in the Independent newpaper. It includes:
brool, noun. A deep low humming sound; a murmur as of a large crowd.
oniomania, noun. Compulsion to make purchases.
pilgerous, adjective. Covered in hair or down.
zaftig, adjective. 1 Full bosomed. 2 Having a full, shapely figure; buxom.

A response to something you have written, any response, is always pleasing. When it is a felicitous response, what bliss! I refer to Tristan Forward's comment in Compasses, where he writes: "Blogging seems a bit like casting out a message in a bottle to drift away for who knows how long, far beyond that "long white skyline".

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Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

Zaftig, sometimes spelled zoftig,is a Yiddish word that's gone into fairly general use in the States.

Another cool Yiddish word (among many) that's gone into general circulation is chutzpah, meaning nerve, daring. I've seen it used in the Times of India.

You have a wonderful blog.