Tuesday, August 07, 2007

how, blue, thinking

How do I know that it is the same pigeon? (See yesterday's post and the question it raises). A good question, which I ask myself . There are a variety of possible answers.
1 It has a distinctive two-tone wing squeak, which another pigeon could not mistake.
11 It writes in its blog that it regularly meets the same old fool of a man in the same place (ie the corner of Mount Sion and Berkeley Road) Coincidence?
iii I always meet it (or another pigeon) flying at the same height, level with my head, in the same direction. If I look quickly enough, it winks at me in a familiar way.

Big white clouds today and in between deep patches of blue. Azure is not a word I would normally use, considering it the preserve of Romantic poets. But today the sky behind the clouds is azure.

When I wake up early in the morning I tend to think. If you can call it thinking. But in reality my mind just goes round in circles chewing up and regurgitating the same thoughts. I think: Real thinking is like climbing a rock face. You search for footholds and hand holds. You pull yourself up, with strength and confidence. You achieve a firm and steady rhythm. At the top you know where you are and where you have been. And even where you have yet to go.


tristan said...

You will turn it over once more in what you are pleased to call your mind.
- Life of Lord Westbury (vol. II, p. 292),
to a solicitor

Lucy said...

Please supply a link to the pigeon's blog...

Lucas said...

The concept of identifying pigeons by their wing squeak is very appealing.

Anonymous said...

I liked your identifying the thinking process as climbing. I would add some more definitions, like 'surfing', 'maze-walking', 'floating',etc. It depends on the reason of thinking.