Friday, August 24, 2007

mnemonic, leaf pool, bowling

My terrible memory drives me to invent all sort of strange mnemonics. Today, I look up for the third time the French word ourdir which means to warp as in weaving, but is often used to mean weave as in to weave or hatch a plot. How to imprint it on my memory and make it stay there? Ourdir, I say to myself, sounds a bit like the English exclamation "oh dear!" Well, if you can imagine someone with a Geordie accent saying "oh dear". That should fix it.

In the middle of an almost circular nasturtium leaf is a miniature pool, crystal clear. Radiating from its centre are the veins of the leaf. I count nine veins. Scattered over the leaf are tiny drops of water gathered in groups like galaxies. In the pool, I see reflected, in miniature, surrounding plants and trees, and myself.

As I pass a bus stop I hear a teen age girl say to another: "I'm going to doll myself up and everything."

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