Saturday, February 16, 2008

eggs, hellebores, dog carrier

In the Farmers' Market there is a stall with new laid eggs. The eggs are of different sizes, ungraded and unstamped. What is more they are dirty. None of these attributes suggestive of their outdoor origins may nowadays be taken for granted. Free range?" says the chicken farmer: "We have a fox-free, fenced-off area for about 400 chickens. Some of the them roost in the trees."

A man hurries past with several blue plastic bag filled with different coloured hellebores (lenten roses).

A collie-like dog snuggles up to its owner who walks up and down, the dog under his jacket. It looks very pleased with itself. And who wouldn't?

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Lucas said...

I like the idea of hens roosting in the trees. We always imagine the local shop keepers sticking bits of mud and straw on the Free Range eggs to make them seem more authentic.