Sunday, May 18, 2008

helianthemum, song, long grass

I have been referring to this as a cistus, but my flower bookcalls it helianthemum. It is however a member of the family, Cistaceae. So I suppose we are both right. I bought it as a small plant in the Farmers' Market several years ago. Now it is a shrub about five feet high, about to be covered in these white flowers with slender yellow stamens. Here is one of its first blooms this year.Posted by Picasa

Blackbirds have been awake early these last few weeks. Their song seems to me, as I lie drowsily in bed like water flowing fast, cool and clear over the pebbled bottom of a stream.

What are these: Jersey Pop Up, Oregon 5, Hartford 4, Montana 6, Minnesota? All have the qualifcation Outwell. They are tents, advertised outside a camping equipment shop.

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Lucy said...

Working back, I find I have missed 18 NTT posts. This is unconscionable, but what a feast after a fast!

The photos are an especial delight.