Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mr Crow, sad, dragon fly

Mr Crow has not been around in the Grove for some weeks. Yet here he is today back in business inspecting his property.

I have mentioned Peter the fish and chip shop owner before. He is a man who manages to be both crude and witty at the same time. Yesterday, his pint on the table in front of him, he reflects sadly, when the conversation has turned to food: "I can remember sitting out here in the old days. All we talked about was getting a leg over. Now it's food. Sad isn't it!" This morning, he says: "I can't make up my mind about lunch. Cauliflower or cabbage?"

While I am reading Wallace Stevens in the garden, a dragon fly (or is it a damsel fly) lands on the back of the bench. Its two sets of wings are still for a moment, folded and aligned with its long blue abdomen, which glitters in the sun.
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Anonymous said...

We have a crow family, maybe the same one every year with new young ones, that thump about loudly on our roof - how amazingly heavy their footsteps, enough to startle me when home alone! They hop in the eavestroughs, dunking bits of found dry bread in standing rainwater or digging for worms or peanuts left behind by squirrels and stellar's jays.

Anonymous said...

If its wings are folded above its abdomen, it's a damselfly. Dragonfly wings remain open at right angles to the body.

Anonymous said...

I am not inclined towards anthropormorphism but his crow asks for it. Particularly in the winter, he struts up and down, with that funny walk. Or sits on top of a bare tree, telling everyone he's there. His Mrs appears sometimes, but is not so assertive. I suspect that they have been raising a family in the last few weeks.

Thanks, Dave.