Tuesday, July 15, 2008

courgette, lollies, squirrel

Bud on the fruit.

In the street, I smell iced lolly. From behind a woman and her young son overtake me, one on either side of me . Both are biting into iced lollies as they race on.

The small face of a squirrel peeps over the edge of a rubbish bin on the edge of the Common. It has a cartoon quality. The squirrel scampers off. It stops now and then and looks back. Longingly, I wonder?
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Anonymous said...

Funny thing, the English language. I had to search the meaning of 'iced lolly' - that's 'popsicle' on this side of the pond. Makes me think of your pudding and our dessert, heh. I could have asked my English son-in-law.

Unknown said...

I wondered if there was a different word across the pond. Popsicle is a good one, the sort of word a doting mother might use when addressing her baby.