Tuesday, September 02, 2008

landscape, raindrops, sunflowers

Blocked but fertile, this drain provides neat, miniature beds for what chooses to grow between its grills.

This morning, heavy raindrops outside the window prompt the not unpleasurable task of clearing my desk of superfluous paper, and a vision, never entirely to be achieved, of pristine simplicity- just one book, a pen and a virgin writing pad.

Sunflowers - dark brown, pale yellow, bronze and orange - despite today's absence of sun, when cut and brought in from the vegetable garden, bring imaginary sunshine into the house on a grey day.
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Anonymous said...

Love the images - the photo, the clean desk, the sunflowers!

Unknown said...

Thanks, marja-leena. It adds to the satisfaction of clearing up inside when it is too wet to do so outside.

Lucas said...

There is something pleasing about the proliferation of weedlife against the officialdom of numbers embossed on the drain. Great juxtaposition.