Thursday, September 18, 2008


The sound of a string quartet greets us as we climb the white walled narrow street from the Playa San Sebastian to the old town. We turn a corner and there, in front of one of the old buildings above the sea, is a group of musicians. They are playing, rather well, something familiar by Beethoven. You don´t expect it, and it is all the more moving because of the surprise

At one of the tables in the Bar Port Alegre is a baby in a push chair. The hood of the pushchair is raised and frames the baby´s face. Its mother is feeding it from a jar of baby food. The baby is interested in its food but it is also interested in everything else that is going on. When there is a noise behind the push chair it leans out to look behind the hood like a tractor driving reversing. But it doesn´t forget to turn round with its mouth open to receive the next mouthful.

This morning, on the newly swept beach, despite the absence of the jetsam, recently removed, is one seagull. It gives the impression of being in charge.

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