Saturday, January 10, 2009

frost, barley sugar, coin

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Odd how the leaves on the beech saplings planted this Autumn have hung on, and not even been driven to leave the branches by this morning's frost.

There is a point in its ascent this morning when the sun behind the tulip tree, veiled in mist, doesn't hurt the eyes and looks like a half sucked barley sugar. Minutes later, extracting itself from the upper branches of the tree, it glares on the world in full majesty.

"That's not one of ours," says the girl at the stationery counter in Sainsbury's when she spots a 2p piece that she doesn't recognise in the change, and hands it back to me. "It's got the Queen's head on it, " I say, unable to discern the inscription, and look in my pocket for a substitute. "Don't worry," she says, "It's only 2p!" which is kind but makes me worry about Sainsbury's profits. When I get home, I examine the coin. Encircling the Queen's head are the words Isle of Man, and the date, 2000. On the reverse is: "Clasht rooin o hiarn" which I take it is Manx. There is also an engraving of a sailing boat. I think it is probably legal tender, but I am not sure that I want to spend it. Who knows, it could bring luck!"


Dave King said...

That's a lovely photograph.

Zhoen said...

I love coins from other places, and always save them.

Lucy said...

Do Manx coins have tails, or only heads?