Friday, February 13, 2009

ice, genius, silhouettes

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Leaves beneath water, ice and reflected sky.

This morning the slow movement of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto, greets my ears when I switch on Radio 4. Genius, I think to myself, is evident when a composer or a writer  produces something that leaves you amazed, and unable to comprehend the boundaries of its perfection.  It seems to encompass the mysteries and vastness of the universe. Mozart's clarinet concerto is my favourite piece of music. 

At this time of year, the morning  sky, behind the tulip tree, is illuminated by the rising sun, filtered by mist, so that it resembles a bright sheet of white porcelain. The black branches of the old tree are silhouetted against the sky and, like the squirrels and birds that inhabit them, are magnified in their simplicity like the scenery of a  puppet theatre. When , tea in hand,  I watch them through the bedroom  window,  it seems that pigeons, squirrels and an occasional crow, are putting on a show just for me.


Zhoen said...

That ice is beautiful.

Roderick Robinson said...

It's a very late Koechel number (600-plus) which means we get all the fruits of his immensely compressed professional life. You'll be surprised to know that Roger Voss didn't rate it. Anyway, what better reason for a celebration shown by the change in your blog typeface.

Unknown said...

I didn't mean to change the type face. It just happened,like the ice. But I prefer the ice to the face.

I had forgotten, BB, that Roger Voss presented himself as a composer. He used to lug a cello about with him. I'm not surprised because now that you have reminded me of his musical ambitions I remember him saying at lunch that Mozart was "boring".