Sunday, February 01, 2009

weather, carrots, flying

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A wet day in Tunbridge Wells.

In the supermarket, a mother hurries her small daughter who is helping out with the shopping. The child takes her time to chose from a display of bagged carrots. "They're all the same," says the mother. But are they? I wonder. And so may the child wonder, I say to myself, if she has any curiosity about the world.

The local weather forecast for today is light snow. And true to its words, insignificant snow flakes flutter about in the wind as though deprived of gravity.


Anonymous said...

A lovely photo, such rich colours for a rainy day. And here, too, light wet snow is falling.

Rashmi said...

Wow! (for the photo)

Dave King said...

Magnificent, the photograph. Enjoyed the anecdote as well.