Tuesday, March 24, 2009

yard, human, hawk

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The whole picture.

In Grosvenor Precinct a young man with a brief case under his arm hovers near me as I pass. He wears a tee-shirt emblazoned with the words "Save the human". Further on there is another young man with a tee shirt bearing the same slogan. Suspecting a cult I move on quickly but it seems that there is between us a mutual absence of interest.

In the pub, Geoff says, eyeing my camera: "There was a hawk over here, yesterday lunch time."Last year there were several citing of a hawk over "the village", which is what we call the area of Tunbridge Wells adjoining the Grove. Once I saw a hawk near here carrying a smaller bird in its talons. I shall be on the look out for hawks now. I would like get a shot of one on patrol overhead.


Zhoen said...

There is a play called "Save the Human" being put on by the Cambridge Theater Company...

Roderick Robinson said...

My apologies regarding the previous comment. In saying "zoom back" I meant from a pleasing, almost abstract pattern to a wider view revealing the objects to be what they truly are. By switching to barns I confused the issue

Unknown said...

Z: Maybe they were actors. The hungry look in their eyes was somehow contradicted by their shyness. But why the brief cases? I suspect that they were stuffed with leaflets.
BB:It gave me the opportunity to post the other picture. I was in two minds about which to choose.