Friday, May 18, 2007

crisps, what is it? climbers

In Cafe Nero, they display packets of potato crisps,where you queue to get you coffee. A notice has the unusual message: "Please do not squash the crisps".

One row of seeds which I forgot to label is sprouting today. The only way to tell what it is, is to nibble one of the leaves, which are just beginning to form. Parsley. It is notoriously slow to germinate, which helps to explain, why I forgot what it was. There is an old country belief that the seeds go down to hell seven times before sprouting, which accounts for the superstition that you should not transplant parsley. I invariably do.

In one of the farmers markets I noticed some climbing nasturtiums clambering up four stakes in a pot. Nasturtiums grow in the vegetable garden like weeds spreading every year and taking the place over, if I am not careful. Today I bring four of plants home and arrange them round a wigwam in a flower bed