Sunday, May 20, 2007

bee, mist, new word

Through the window I see a bee blown off-course by a gust of wind. You don't often see bees in the wind.

First thing, in the supermarket they are displaying fresh meat on the butchers counter. A mist caused by condensation wafts round the joints and steaks.

A new word: I copy a photograph on to a file on the computer and a window informs me that "this photo cannot be rotated losslessly.


Clare said...

Some photo formats are described as 'lossy' which I think is a lovely word. It means that the photo is compressed in such a way that when you come to unpack it, the quality will not be as good.

Unknown said...

That is lovely, Clare. And a new word that deserves and doubtlessly will stay in the language. Having had a bug of some sort, I'm feeling a bit lossy myself.