Friday, May 04, 2007

extremes, viridian, hoop and squirrel

Under a tree, a group of young people sprawl deep in conversation. One wears a dark grey, hooded top with the the words "extreme music for extreme people"printed on the back.

I look for a colour word for the dark, blueish green of the feathers just above the tail of magpies. you normally think of magpies as merely black and white, but they deserve a closer look. Viridian, I think, where it meets winsor blue on the palette. Unpopular, thuggish birds, magpies; but their arrogance impresses.

In the Grove I hear a squirrel quacking ( I can't think of a better word, though a duck might object to the association) in a holly tree. It sits there quacking but I can't see a reason for the din. Then I notice a child's white hoop hanging among the branches. I have heard squirrels make this noise before, and I am sure that it is nothing to do with the hoop. But the image remains; a squirrel and a white hoop in a holly tree.

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