Monday, December 10, 2007

exhilaration, unfallen, relativity

Twice recently, this morning included, I have seen a car drive past with a dog sticking its head out of the front passenger window, its fur and ears flowing back, its eyes narrowed in the slip stream. I share the exhilaration which it must feel.

One bright red apple remains on a tree in the front garden of a neighbouring house. It is not attached to a branch but rests on the fork of two branches where it has fallen. Even the recent strong winds have not dislodged it.

When you watch a train move forward alongside the train on which you are sitting, and you think your train is moving, but it is not.


tristan said...

an illusion that startled me this week ... whilst driving slowly towards a large traffic sign which gradually loomed to fill my field of vision, in such a way that the large rectangular building about three hundred yards behind it seemed to be retreating for a few moments

S.L. Corsua said...

Hullo, Joe. Thank you for dropping by my site; it's been an honor. My trip to yours has been 'exhilarating' as well. ;) You have an interesting format (three words, three paragraphs, with story-telling and/or introspection here and there) for your blog posts. A useful anchor or focus for the reader. Enjoyable for me!

I've also spied, on your sidebar, a link to your poetry site, which I've scanned (ah, heaven); I'll be pouring over your works for sure. Cheers!

Unknown said...

I was driving on the M25 one strange evening when I saw a huge bank of cloud rising above the skyline. Against it I could see the headlamps of cars moving beneath it. For several minutes I came to believe that I was in another country, and that the cloud was the side of a massive mountain.

Thank you for visiting, 'souless, and for your kind comments.