Friday, December 21, 2007

frost, surprise, out of season

It is still daylight, when I leave the house. But patches of frost have already begun to appear, where last night's had melted during the day. In the fast gathering twilight, by the time I am on my way home, the window of a car, covered in hard rime, is glistening in the lamplight. I pass my hand over the window's rough surface.

A packet of dried chestnuts has the mystifying warning: "May contain traces of peanuts".

Under the moon with a halo, a black bird sings for a moment forgetful of the cold and the season.


Lucas said...

These three capture for me the brief light of a Winter's day. The Black bird sounds amazing.

Lucy said...

The blackbird's song contains a sob, heartaching.

Fire Bird said...

I guess the world may contain traces of peanuts