Wednesday, December 05, 2007

walkies, powder, freedom

A man is taking his dog for a walk on the grass in the Grove.He gets ready to clear up in its track. "Don't tread in it," he shouts. "You big lummox! You great nit!"

It is raining. The sun is shining. The sky is pale blue and elsewhere is covered in purple cloud. As I look down Mount Pleasant, I note a golden, powdery light over trees and rooftops.

Michael, a neighbour, whom I meet at the bus stop, declares that when the free national bus pass comes in next April, he will challenge other oldies to a see who can get first from Tunbridge Wells to Edinburgh travelling only by bus.


Lucy said...

Would you take up the challenge Joe? Imagine all the things you could observe and tell us about...

Clare said...

I second that -- it's a genius idea! I'd love to see the results of it. I just fed Tunbridge Wells to Edinburgh into and it didn't like it!