Thursday, August 14, 2008

bean, sigh, crows

Posted by Picasa To be precise a borlotti bean. The undulations beneath the red-streaked, green skin of the pod, show where the white beans, also streaked with red, are beginning to swell. Yesterday's bean scape was a close -up taken with the super-macro facility on the new camera.

Outside a cutlers' shop, which is closing down an elderly lady, with a walking stick emits a deep, ambiguous sigh as she contemplates a display of cut price salad bowls.

In the Grove are four crows waddling, all in the same direction, over the grass which is wet from recent rain and yielding up its succulent inhabitants. The crows look smaller than the pair that occupied the Grove last winter and I suspect that they must be its progeny. Or is it mum and dad and two juniors?


Roderick Robinson said...

The shape of the pod is reminiscent of Olympic swimmers when they reach the end of the pool and do a somersault turn underwater. Immediately after they wriggle away, still underwater, like seals or - in this case - like borlotti beans.

Unknown said...

Yes! A Phelps bean, perhaps? A manoeuvre enjoyable to watch, and, I have always imagined, satisfying to perform.

Anonymous said...

Heh, love that image of a Phelps bean!

Loved your image. I'm envious of your super-macro lens - something that is on the top of my wish list, along with a better tripod.

Unknown said...

In fact, Marja-leena, it is not a separate lense. The camera an Olympus SP-57OUZ is not an SLR and posesses,rather, the merit of having an effective zoom as well as a macro and super-macro facility operating with the same lense. It answers all my limited needs point-and-shoot photographer.