Saturday, August 09, 2008

finial, hot water, toy train

Round here, the finials on the roofs of Victorian and Edwardian houses can be rewarding reminders of the desire for discrete decoration.

Recourse to an old fashioned hot water bottle when you have pulled a muscle in your back proves a very present help in time of trouble.

In the High Street a new shop called the Children's Salon is on the point of opening. Suspended just below the ceiling and circling the shop is a narrow shelf wide enough for a track. And on the track, is a good sized toy train. Children and grand children are now probably to big to provide an excuse for me to enter. But when it opens I think I will anyway. Toy trains were unavailable in the war years ,when I was of an age to enjoy them
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Anonymous said...

One's never too old a granddad to enjoy toy trains! Hope your back improves quickly.