Tuesday, December 16, 2008

cold, money boxes, full

Posted by Picasa One of the numerous black birds round here. He shrinks his head into his body and puffs out his chest, to keep warm.

In the toyshop window are a locomotive and a tractor. On inspection they turn out to be made of china and glazed in bright metallic colours. The tractor is red and black; the locomotive green and black. A slot on top of each is the give-away. Theyare money boxes. When I was of the age to have a money box, I always found them disappointing, especially the sort you had to break in order to get at your cash. I suspect that these are disappointing in another way. They are about the size that money boxes used to be, and , it is sad to reflect that, with inflation, a child might expect that, even when they are full, his pennies or pounds, will no longer amount to very much. Euros, perhaps.

Today, when we post some Christmas cards, we note that the letter box is full almost to the top. We have to push hard with our envelopes to make room inside. It is a letter box packed with good will, love and seasonal cliches.


Dave King said...

The (over) full post box is a regular headache round here, and not just at this time of the year. On occasion there have been security worries.

Unknown said...

It crossed me mind how easy it would be nick some seasonal cheer probably intended for a complete stranger.