Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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Posted by Picasa Higgledy-piggledy and hugger-mugger are two words, which describe both my note book and my attitude to it which has evolved over the years. The principle is that drawings and observations, which are usually unconnected with each other should occur side by side, following chance and the sequence of events. The result is rarely enlightening or useful to anyone but me, who enjoys the anomolies and surrealist effect of unlikely juxtapositions.

The l0w angle of the sun at this time of year spotlights ordinary things and provides them with theatrical qualities which they don't always deserve but which serves all of them proud. It's difficult to keep the camera in its case.

In the old days rich people who were lucky enough to go there called it "varsity", while clever people who valued its qualities called it university. Nowadays everyone seems to call it "uni".

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Dave King said...

Higgledy-piggledy and hugger-mugger describe my notebooks also. Anything I need to record goes into the one currently in use, which may be different from yesterday's and tomorrow's: scribbles, jottings, dates, telephone numbers, all sorts.