Monday, December 08, 2008

December moon, options, busy

Posted by Picasa This afternoon the air chills the gibbous moon.

In the charity shop, I spot a hardback copy of the Robert Micro French dictionary. I have the paper back version, Robert Micro poche, which is now a constant companion. For a moment I am tempted to buy it but it only duplicates the copy I already have. "I 've a copy of this," says the man who assists at the shop. We talk about French. "Do you go often to France?" I ask. " No, he says, "My wife hates the French, and I don't like them either. The culture's alright though." As an afterthought, he adds "There are a lot of French saints, too".

I pass a woman who lives nearby. She has a parrot and numerous children. "Rush, rush, rush isn't it!" she says. As I amble slowly on, I feel a little guilty at having nothing to rush to or from. But on the whole, I feel pleased that I don't have to run.


Rouchswalwe said...

I am reminded of a Woody Allen film, in which he plays a Hollywood director, that ends with the line, "Thank God for the French!"

Roderick Robinson said...

Are rench saints the patron saints of plumbers? Or do they preside over partings, ("It was such a wrench leaving you.")

My stepmother, who was very pro-horse, used to refer to the universal cure-all for animals as "a pink drench".

Unknown said...

BB I am afraid that the typo having been corrected with the help of an F, thanks to you intervention, your observation may not be understood by late- comers.

Rouchswalwe. So should we all.