Friday, February 27, 2009

evening, old words, triumphs

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Evening over Mount Sion.

Martha's almost lost words, I can now confirm, are still to be found in the Oxford English Dictionary, which hangs on to every new word that is established by written usage and never relinquishes an old one. I'm moved to write: Our nidifice echoes with my crocitations following the aretalogy of Martha's research. Translated: our nest echoes with my caws following wondrous tale of Martha's research. Incidentally the verb nidify, meaning to make a nest, is still to be found in modern dictionaries.

It strikes me this morning that the pleasure of reading a foreign language comes from the satisfaction of repeatedly overcoming an initial failure to understand a phrase or a sentence with a sudden dawning of comprehension Trumpets sound for a moment, much as they do when the numbers begin to fall in to place as you get to near to solving a sudoku.


The Crow said...

Ah! So, another meaning for the word aretalogy is wondrous story.

Joe, you have a good camera, produces wonderful images. But it is the photographer who has the good eye. Your evening on Mt. Sion looks like a fine painting - quite lovely work.


Roderick Robinson said...

Gosh. The first sentence is as apocalyptic as the pic.