Saturday, February 07, 2009

looking down, solutions, carnivores

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Oil and melting snow on tarmac.

In the doctor's waiting room, an elderly man with a limp and a need to talk tells me that he doesn't have far to walk to visit the surgery. My mind wanders but when he gets on to talk politics, I pay attention. "Wouldn't it be nice," he says without provocation, "if there weren't any wars! " I can only agree. "If you could get them into the boxing ring....if you get the two presidents into the ring, and let them fight it out, it would be better for all of us." He doesn't get round to saying which presidents, because our conversation is interrupted by the doctor. He has a speech impediment, which make him difficult to follow, but the more I think about it, it's such ideas that, in the end, change the world.

There is a canine light in the eyes of people queuing at the butchers this morning. The other way round, I think to myself, dogs never look more human than when they smell meat.


Lucy said...

I like 'a limp and a need to talk'!

Lucas said...

I like the title "Oil and Melting Snow on Tarmac" - and a remarkable canvas it makes!