Thursday, October 08, 2009

summer, beans, rainforest

Posted by PicasaThe last sunflowers of summer photographed in the garden before we went on holiday. Now there are only a few stunted blooms left for the first frosts to finish off.
At this time of year one of the pleasures of the vegetable garden remains the climbing beans - borlotti and different varieties of French bean, which have swelled , and are ready to be de-podded, softened in simmering water and sauteed with seasonings. This morning, I pick a basketful in the Autumn sunshine.
As fashions go, this is the era of the rain forest. Everything and anything that originates in the flood plains and forests of the Amazon seems now to be guaranteed a sales platform on the basis of its provenance. The juice of something called Acai berries (euterpe doracea), has found its way into our house via an old friend of Heidi's in Florida. "Thirty times more anthoyanin antioxidents than red wine" says the label. To complete the picture I note that the health food shop in the High Street is now selling Chiczca organic Mayan forest chewing gum.


The Crow said...

Love the photograph, especially that gorgeous yellow against the October-blue sky! (I know it was taken in September, but that blue always signals October for me.)

Your mention of garden fresh beans reminds me of similar joy from childhood - eating snap beans straight from the vine.


Roderick Robinson said...

You rail about supermarkets traducing the very nature of apples; the most poisonous arrow in my quiver is directed towards the accountant responsible for their green bean policies. As a result of some no doubt hideously justifiable marketing decision we find ourself "making do" with flaccid, unfresh products (Yes, I think the word applies) which require deep surgery if all the edgy tegument is to be removed. Then suddenly coming across a stall at the Saturday farmer's market where beans are sold with all their necessary qualities restored. The difference is enormous and again it is the consistency - crisp but not chewy - that dominates. Escaping from this trap might well justify the drudgery of vegetable gardening.

Unknown said...

Yes, beans are beautuful, at every stage of their development.

BB I hope that the the poison on your arrow is organic and that it originates in the Amazon rainforest.