Sunday, January 30, 2011

crossing, epithets, angle

Posted by Picasa I recently  posted a photograph of the crow which now appears sometimes in Grosvenor Road. He kindly turned on  that occasion to face the camera. Here he is considering, as would you or I, how best to cross the street.

Inspired by these examples I am making a collection of epithets applied, by those engaged in persuading us to buy more things, to particular products. For a start:
 plump and refreshing - blueberries.
 tropically sweet - pineapple.
 tangy and crisp - can't remember. But does it matter?

The sun this afternoon to picks out details of  furniture inside the rooms of  the houses which it penetrates through the windows. A discrete form of burglary. The details are remarkable for their gentle highlights - a lampshade here, there the back of a chair. For some reason I think of Vermeer.


Lucy said...

Now's the Time - 2000 blogs and just as tangy and crisp as the day it began!

Roderick Robinson said...

Don't forget the other end of the spectrum:

deceptively priced - insurance
forked-tongue - Osborne utterances
pétillant - scenes from Egypt
gloriously tempting - 180 bhp Japanese motorbikes