Wednesday, October 10, 2012

waves dolphin grease rocket

Early morning in Sitges.  Sea sun and sand and not too many people.

In his TV programme last night  about the British tradition of  keeping a stiff upper lip Ian Hislop interviews a cross channel swimmer. They are talking about the first person to swim The English Channel, Captain  Matthew Webb. Apparently he coated his body with dolphin oil as a means of insulation. Said the modern day swimmer: " some people believe that dolphins kept him company during his  22-hour crossing". 

Rocket though it was little known in my childhood  is now fairly common as a salad. My attempts to grow it have never been very succesful. First it bolts and goes to seed before you have time to say salad dressing. Second in my vegetable garden its leaves are nibbled by a little insect called the flea beatle which spoils it appearance. This year I planted rocket  in  pots and cut the leaves as they come up. No bolting. No flea beatles. And a continuous supply of the narrow, bitter leaves.


Alison said...

I really think you should take a look at Blog Down on the Allotment by Matron. She has had a very exciting week on the veg front!!

Love all your wise words. Thankyou!

Lucy said...

Those pesky flea beetles get at my mizuna and bok choi leaves too. I hadn't thought of growing in a pot, might try it.

Unknown said...

Lucy. It works very well with most herbs and salads of the kind that get eater or nibbled by marauders.