Monday, October 15, 2012

window wild flowers amateur

One of the windows  in the centre of Sitges which I often pass,  but here photographed for the first time.

In the garden I cut some of the "wild" insect-attracting  flowers which have been in bloom since June. A poor year for vegetables  but I can't complain about the abundance of these.

On the shelf behind my desk is a book called Shooting Digital. It was a present a few years ago, which I have opened from time to time but never read. Today I  begin to read about studio photography. I reach the words "achieve a professional effect ..." and my eyes glaze over. I look at the illustrations in the book. All are I am sure of a professional standard.  If I were a photographer, which I am not, I recognise that I would be unequivocally an amateur. It is there that I raise my standard.


marja-leena said...

I love your door photo in the previous pos and the window here. Isn't it odd that we love these weathered and rundown images for photos but would be aghast to have our own homes in that condition? I suppose it depends on where one lives, and if one's home is historic...

Unknown said...

The window belongs to the same house as the door, a grand building which has seen better days, and which almsot certainly awaits renovation - a fate which will cetainly reduce its value as photographic material.