Saturday, October 20, 2012

wrougt holding on flu

This is the second time that I have photographed this wrought iron work, part of a railing outside a house in a street in Sitges.I  can't find my earlier photo but the angle will be different, and the wear and tear of a couple of years would show itself if the two pictures were subjected to close scrutiny.

As a child I remember learning to hang on to the cuff of my pullover to stop it riding up my arm when I struggled into a jacket. Sometimes  to my discomfort I forgot to hang on. Today as I get into a jacket I realise that sometimes I still forget.

Old people swarm at the doctor's surgery this morning.  In the past flu-jabs have been part of every day business at the surgery at this time of year.  This year they seem to have concentrated them into a single flu-jab day. An atmosphere of merriment informs the occasion. A flu-jab party.

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