Friday, June 07, 2013

Booty, peace and poppy

Gordon the blackbird with booty after hard work searching among the lettuces. He pauses for a moment. Can  he fit in more  chopped worm and slug into his beak.

Dearest is discharged from the hospital , having made good progress after her operation. She takes up residence at Burrswood where she can recover in peace. Financed by a well-wisher, she has a room looking over lawns, woods and distant hills. She sits by the French window and looks out on the sunlit garden. Silence. Blessed silence. The best thing I have seen for at least a week.

In the garden a pale pink, almost white poppy begins to unfold it petals which look like crumpled tissue paper.


Tom said...

Best wishes and love to you both.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Tom. Your support has been much appreciated