Monday, June 03, 2013

Salad, lift and more glory

A packet of mixed salad leaves goes a long way, lettuce and rocket and mijuna, that sort of thing. With this to hand a quick, living or almost living salad  arrives in the  bowl in no time.

Our retired consultant  gynaecologist neighbour knocks at the door unexpectedly. Because he cannot bear to hang around he has driven virtually non-stop from the South of France to Tunbridge Wells. He says he is refreshed after four hours sleep. Could he give me a lift to the hospital? On top of that he takes me to lunch at a pub called The Poet in Matfield. Not bad for an 83-year old.

Since the hedge was lowered there is more light in our garden. This morning I keep nipping out to identify  places to plant the morning glory (or Morning Glory) where they will benefit from the morning sun.  The plant are beginning to develop tendrils and longing to escape their little pots.

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Tom said...

For some reason, your closing line, "The plants are beginning to........little pots." holds echoes of something else, maybe for all of us. I hope the news of H continues to be good.