Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Bean poles, Fox, Purslane

Erecting my second set of bean poles, this time for climbing French, rather than the coarser runner beans. Two rows of 8ft bamboos face one another. I bend them inward and tie them so as to form a v-shape. Then I secure them by placing horizontal bamboos along the length of the row. Two extra bamboos at each end, facing the entire row, reinforce stability.It is an ancient, traditional structure which generations of gardeners have followed. It's satisfying like building a house.

I had surprised a fox on the compost heap a few days ago. What was it up to? It loped off in a bored, unhurried way. Today there was no fox when I opened the gate into the vegetable garden. But the imprint of a large animal on the grass and leaves on top of the heap suggested that someone had been curled up there, enjoying the wamth, or the hay-like smell

Purslane. Setting plants of this succulent herb,which I had never grown before,
into a wide circular pot. It has plump green leaves. The French call it pourpier. Promise of a new salad experience.

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Lucas said...

Your mention of the fox reminds me of the journey to work. As the tube train bursts out into Brent it passes a wooded railway embankment. Here in the micro forest - from my glass and metal shell - I have caught sight of a fox and some cubs. Disliked by some inner city dwellers they are loved by my colleague the biology teacher who feeds them on organic scraps.