Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Safety Pin, Rhubarb, Tortilla

Awoke thinking about the safety pin. The cleaners had left it on the jacket I wore to the wedding in Paris. Safety pins are gadgets of superb design. I put this one in my pocket, certain that it would come in useful. At the meal that followed the wedding, the eight-year old daughter of the groom, had a problem with the strap of her party dress. Out came the safety-pin. A minute later I received a thankyou kiss.

The ginger cat that visits the vegetable garden frightens the birds. But I could not begrudge it the shade of the rhubarb leaves where it lay all morning.

Preparing a tortilla and eating it with freshly picked salad. The potato and onion omelate - more like a cake than omelate - golden brown with a mosaic inside of soft onions and potato cubes, is one of the 10 best dishes in the world.

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Lucas said...

I agree with you about the tortilla, especially in the Summer with a bottle of white wine - but what are the other nine?