Thursday, June 30, 2005

Fledgelings, Cat and Hose, Spinnach

The baby blackbirds in the wisteria opposite fledged this morning. There was a great to do. I don't know how many there were, but most of the noise was coming from the depth of the lime tree on the corner.One little creature sat bewildered in the middle of the road. Afraid that it would be run over, I shooed it towards the pavement. At at first it seemed transfixed but before I could pick it up it fluttered on to the railings, and and hid behind a flower pot. Later to day it is perched on the fence stretching its wings and fluttering from spike to spike.

Spinach seedlings germinating after only five days.

The promised rain barely materialises. So, standing with the hose, I spray the courgettes, beans and lettuces. The pretty, tortoiseshell cat who has now taken posession of the garden is fascinated. The water running through the hose is what attracts her. Is it some kind of snake? Soon I role up the hose and she returns disappointed to find it gone.

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