Monday, February 13, 2006

Bleak House, two cats, shoots

It's been a long, difficult read, but an enjoyable one in the end. I am on the last few pages of Bleak House. The plot is complicated and the cast of characters enormous; what is impressive is the way the connections between all the characters are made, logically and in good time. If I had watched the adaptation on tv, good as I understand it was, I would never have finished the book.

In the vegetable garden I note that there are now two cats who visit - the tortoiseshell kitten from last year, now a teenager, has been joined by (I presume) a relative who shares the colouring though is more orange than tortoisehell. Robins and blackbirds are not yet in evidence, but I hope that the bells worn by both cats will prevent any thuggery the cats have in mind. Tortoiseshell poses opposite me one paw slightly raised as though to tell me to mind my own business.

In the pots at home, tulips and daffodils, and in the vegetable garden, garlic and welsh onions are sending forth green shoots.

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