Saturday, February 11, 2006

Camden Road, celeriac, heart in the sky

Camden Road is quite different from the rest of Tunbridge Wells. There are no smart cafes, no branches of restaurant or fashion chains, no boutiques. Instead there are little shops selling items of junk which don't pretend to be antiques; charity shops; specialist shops selling electronic bits and pieces; take-aways, emitting spicey odours; tattoo parlours; a homeopathy and meditation centre; and a mosque. Walking down Camden Road is a bit like being on holiday.

A pleasure anticipated is an enormous celeriac root waiting to be turned into juice or a puree or to be cut into cubes and roasted or mashed.

Above the busy shopping street, one of those bright red, gas-filled balloons in the shape of heart, has escaped and blows around against the grey sky.

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