Sunday, February 05, 2006

Trolley, No Entry, scallop pie

In Sainsbury, a full-sized trolley, stacked high with purchases moves towards me, apparently self-propelled. Then I see, pushing it, a very small boy, his arms stretched up to reach the handle. From in front, he is completely hidden by the contents of the trolley: inconspicuous consumption.

A No Entry sign used by the workmen in the Grove, has, after Saturday night's usual revelry, ended up, high among the branches of a tree - some sort of surrealist message warning high flyers.

Tonight, a pie made from scallops in a light sauce, surmounted by mashed potatoes. The scallops are sliced and placed, as yet uncooked in the dish, and covered with a Bechamel sauce. This is covered with mashed potatoes, glazed and put in the oven. By the time the potatoes begin to colour, the dish is ready, as the scallops require very little cooking.

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