Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Composition, left-overs, no enemies

Framed by the window of Zizi's restaurant, where we are sitting, I see a composition consisting of the following: a street sign showing a motorcycle flying over a car; a shop window with the name of the shop, Sahara, engraved on it; various dresses, arranged in the window like people watching the street; two shop assistants inside the shop; a fire-escape sign on the door of the shop, showing a man running away and a staircase; and outside the shop, a live policeman talking into a mobile phone.

I find a use for left over narrow strips of card from my Christmas card printing. They are folded over so as to clip over a page and become bookmarks each with a bird, insect or flower painted or drawn on it.

In W H Auden's commonplace book, A Certain World, I read this:

"Priest: Do you foregive your enemies?
A dying spaniard: I have no enemies. I have shot them all."

Auden doesn't say where he got it. Perhaps he made it up.

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