Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pi, colour of days,crow

Today, I hear on Radio 4 that it is World pi day. Why? Apparently it's because today's date, in the American style, 3/14, is the closest in the calendar to the number represented by the Greek letter pi. The ratio of the diameter to the circumference of a circle is an irrational (can't be expressed by a fraction) and transcendental (can't be the solution to any algebraic equation with fractional coefficients) number. The decimals after the point go on for ever. Where's the pleasure. It ... "dost tease us out of thought as doth eternity."

Do you see days as having colours? I can't explain it, but here's how my days look in the spectrum:
Tuesday Green
Wednesday Blue
Thursday Pink - the shade of weathered roof tiles or very old claret
Friday Purple
Saturday Pearl gray
Sunday Black
Monday Yellow
Variations? Alternatives? I can't have plugged into a universal vision.

On the drooping, leading shoot of a Lawson cyprus in the Grove sits a carrion crow, the ruler of all it surveys. It says: "Cor, Cor." Let there be no dissension.

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