Friday, March 24, 2006

Spring rain, geese, two Joes in the park

Today smells of warm rain and spring, and the birds celebrate the change of temperature noisily from early in the morning. The majority of daffodils are about to flower at last. And everyone is getting ready for April pilgrimages.

Twice today I hear geese honking and twice I see a pair flying overhead in the purposeful way that geese have. There can be no doubt: they know where they are going.

Entering the Grove, I hear Giles' cheerful voice behind me: "Hullo, Joe!". I turn and so does a girl who is walking just behind me. "Hullo", I shout. "Hullo", she turns and shouts. Two Joes, or more probably a Joe and a Jo, respond simultaneously to the greeting intended originally for only one of them.

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Clare said...

Oh that's a lovely one, about the two Jo(e)s. Being a Clare, I'm always replying to things not meant for me. I often feel very silly, but now that sort of mix up is a beautiful thing, perhaps I don't have to.