Saturday, January 19, 2008

food, balloon, pink

Some visitors describe a meal at the restaurant called the Fat Duck in Bray. They had spent five hours consuming the tasting menu, which included such, now famous dishes, as snail porridge, eggs-and-bacon ice cream, and a sea food dish, where you are given ear phones, so that you can listen to the sounds of the sea while you consume it. I ask if they found that the food overwhelmed the conversation overthe meal? Did they talk about other things? Around 50%, they said, was devoted to talking about the food and 50% to the other subjects.

Two grandparents with a red balloon fuss over a small child in the High Street. The child whines and whinges. "You're having a balloon tied to you Henry", says the grandfather in a wheedling voice.

Outside a store at the top of Mount Pleasant, a new cycle shop has, this morning, hired someone to help draw attention to its folding bikes. A man wearing a pink trilby, a fake fur coat over a shiny pink suite, and white leather shoes is doing his best to help, but most passers-by seem more interested in his flamboyant outfit than in the bikes.

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