Thursday, January 24, 2008

word on the mind, striding, beans

Sometime I wake with a word on my mind. Why it is there or how it gets there I seldom know. Today it is saugrenu, a French word meaning preposterous or ludicrous. Petit Larousse informs me that it is derived from the Latin words for salt and grain.

My shadow in the bright afternoon sunshine strides beside me on the wall of a terrace of houses, Suddenly it vanishes as though it has gone indoors.

I have been visiting the website of David Bonta, a poet and photographer. I read: "...The end justifies the beans and everyone drinks until they see two of everyone..." and laugh with pleasure.He is co-editor of the web magazine which publishes poems, prose and photographs

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Lucas said...

The link to David Bonta was very interesting. I will defintely revisit ir.