Saturday, January 26, 2008

warmth, repetition, bad weather

On the south facing slopes of Calverley Park, daffodils are already in flower, and, through the cold wind, I can just feel the winter sun.

"She keeps telling me the same thing," Heidi says of a friend. "That's what we do, " I say, "tell each other the same things. " Yes, says Heidi, but we know we do."

Speaking of recessions - "moments of truth, which human nature needs after the lies that always go with a boom," Charles Moore writes in the Spectator: "The best way to deal with bad weather is to go out in it."


Anonymous said...

Daffodils already!? Not here by a long shot. Wise words here.

Lucy said...

I remember years ago a conversation between two friends (one of whom was Tall Girl); one said of another person, 'and she always talks about the same thing!'
TG asked, 'What is it?'
'I don't know,'said our friend, 'but it's boring!'

Tom and I have the same conversation about hydrangeas every year. There's something reassuring and agreeable about it; part of the conversation is remarking about how we have the same conversation every year.

( I think perhaps Marja-Leena just said the same thing about daffodils over at mine...)