Friday, March 07, 2008

coffee, empty bottle, motto

The coffee-roasting machine at Ishmael is going full blast and the busy smell drifts across the pavement.

In a telephone kiosk, abandoned on the shelf beside the phone, is an empty bottle of Irish Meadow. What is a Irish Meadow? According to the label, " A smooth blend of fresh cream with white wine and Irish whiskey."

Pondering my life so far, I say to myself this morning, that I have been wrong more often than I have been right, and that I have been fortunate to reached the present more or less intact. In fact, were I to need a motto I can think of nothing better than Muddle Through


Lucy said...

2 - Whatever happened to not mixing the grain and the grape?

Unknown said...

What indeed? A strange concoction! Not for me.