Tuesday, March 25, 2008

mustard, toboggan, celandine

Lunch with some old mates. Our host, a former hotelier, offers us smoked salmon with mustard. It was, he says, a combination favoured by Ella Fitzgerald.

Outside the garden shop in Chapel Place, is an old, weathered toboggan. But, despite forecasts, a biting wind and a few dramatic flurries, there is still no snow.

The leaves of lesser celandine, everywhere else in flower, are pushing through in the triangular shrubbery known locally as the Village Green. This is despite the efforts of the council gardeners who tried to eradicate the flowers in the Autumn. They prefer, it seems, bare earth, reminiscent of formal parks and gardens. But, with luck, we shall still see the golden star-shaped flowers this Spring.

1 comment:

Lucy said...

1)It's good with horseradish, so why not mustard?
3) I was very surprised to find out what greater celandine looked like, because I wondered, and because, knowing the flower but not it's name, I was surprised that was what it was... apart from being yellow it has little resemblance to the lesser one!