Friday, August 08, 2008

first, power, fecund

The first to bloom of a row of sunflowers which I planted in May. This, not too large, copper tinted variety is a favourite.

I watch a man with a power hose clean a yard. What ever he is getting rid of seems to have spread on to his shoes and the bottom of his trousers, because he directs the hose on to these, performing a little dance in the process.

In the vegetable garden, after the rain and in the continuing humidity, everything is growing and bursting out of its bounds. There is a sense of fecundity and excess.
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Lucy said...

That sunflower photo is just beautiful!

Those power hoses here are the infamous Karchers - made so by Sarkozy saying they should be turned on the racaille in the banlieue - as vacuum cleaners are hoovers!

I remember a character mentioned in an I celandic saga called Hilda the Fecund!

Lucas said...

I think there is potential for a Mr.Bean comic act in the performance of a "vacuum dance".

Roderick Robinson said...

I have never been able to rid myself of the secret belief that the word "fecund" is impolite. Dirty even.

Got rid of my Kärcher. Whenever I selected the "Excoriate the proles" setting (Merci, M. le Président)I feared it would drill a hole through the car body.